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Yuko Yabuki - Fine Artist


      Yuko moved to the U.S. in 1995, landing in Phoenix, Arizona, where she still resides. Loaded with a passion for art and immersed in a brand new culture, unable to speak fluent English, she was inspired to express herself through her paintings. Her life became an adventure in self-expression as she turned her talents toward developing her unique style of fine art.

      Yuko's very distinct style has always reflected the depths of her infatuation with music, fashion, and tattoo culture. During the last two decades, she has shown at several area galleries and has become a recognized artist in the region. Yuko's playful nature and sharp sense of humor, prevalent in earlier work, has evolved into pieces that highlight sophisticated moods and explore polarities through fantasy figures that explore the realms of light and dark, good and bad, right and wrong.

      Yuko's distinguished style of art takes the viewer on a journey to imaginary lands and introduces them to intriguing characters thoughtfully embellished with symbolic ornamentation. She is influenced by traditional and modern Japanese styles, as well as contemporary American art. Over the course of the next decade, she will continue creating new work to exhibit around the U.S. and abroad to Europe and Japan. Through the dedication and passion that she puts into each piece, Yuko's artwork exudes a wide variety of emotions and moods. The same emotions and moods we all share.  Knowingly or not, the viewer becomes a mirror to all humanity.  Her mission is to show her work in new locales, and reach new people who can appreciate, love, and connect with it.

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